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MythGrove: Festival of Yew is a rogue-like dungeon crawler where the player discovers a secret forest with a dungeon entrance. The player soon realizes that the legends of the yearly dungeon festival is real and enters to meet different spirits and adventurers. The player is the only human in this festival and has to attend the sport of dungeoneering to enhance their fame and experience. Through a series of diverse dungeon terrains, the player will have to rely on their skill in battle to enhance their weapons and skill tree to prove their worth in the festival.

This game is a senior capstone project. The capstone project is to make a game from scratch in 20 weeks. This is a representation of the first 10 weeks.

The Developers


Jason Skillman

  • Project Manager

Joel Hanson

  • Lead Programmer

Kyle Gray

  • Lead Networking


Amanda Coler

  • Co-project Manager
  • Lead UI/UX
  • Sound Designer

Bella Weikman

  • Lead Designer
  • Lead Character Artist
  • Lead Sound Designer

Juan Santos

  • Lead Modeler
  • Lead Sculptor

Christian Martin

  • Modeler
  • Narrative story writer

Music Composition

Jeff Knapp

Bella Weikman




Updated 2 days ago
Published 11 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorJason Skillman
GenreAction, Adventure


Mythgrove.zip 285 MB


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I'm curious, did y'all make your own music?

Yes, all of the music has been made for this project 😁


Wicked, my dude!

Hi there! I tried to play your game but unfortunately I'm running into issues. When I click "Login" on the title menu, the game gets stuck on a black screen. I tried waiting a bit but nothing happened. (I thought it might be loading something.) Any idea why this could be happening?

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Hey thanks for the feedback, unfortunately the main server is not running but I have gone ahead and uploaded an offline version of the game for now. Thanks for your interest and we would love to hear any amount of feedback in our early stage of development.

Thanks for updating the game! I like what you guys have so far! I made a video with my experiences of the game. I hope you’ll be able to turn this game into something fun and unique! Good luck with the rest of development! 

Thank you for recording your experience! That will be super helpful. I'm glad to see you enjoy it so far! Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing our game and for all the feedback you have given us! :)